Paint your couch, not your stairs.

Yeah, you read that right. You CAN use paint to update stained couches. Especially microfiber! It does not look or feel like it was painted. It will feel like soft faux-leather, you'll be able to wipe it clean, and it will smell delightful.

Here's how:

Before you paint, vacuum the couch and remove any visible sticky spots. Move the couch away from the wall and other furniture so you don't splatter paint on the other stuff. Put down a drop cloth on the floor so you don't paint the floor. Get a wet rag and some all purpose cleaner so that when you do splatter or drip (you know you will) you can clean it up.

1) Find a paint colour that you like. I chose brown so that mine looks like leather. Buy a gallon. You won't use it all, but it's best to have enough. TIP: Go to the mis-tint section of a paint store and you'll score it super cheap, if there is a colour there you like.

2) Find a fabric softener that you like the scent of. Any kind :)

3) Get a container to mix paint and fabric softener together in. A big one, like an icecream bucket. Mix your paint with a ratio of about 1:6 ( six parts paint and one part fabric softener ) - This is not an exact science and doesn't have to be. Mix it real good.

4) Get a cloth that you don't mind ruining. You'll throw it away at the end.

5) Dip your cloth in the paint and rub it into the fabric. SCRUB! SCRUB HARD! You want to rub that paint in realllllly well. Finish your srub motion in one direction, so that the finished result is nice and smooth.

It will take a few hours to dry. In the mean time, your house will smell like fresh laundry. You're welcome :)

I love mine. It looks and feels like a leather sectional now, when before it was a disgusting stained dirty microfiber couch. It's been months and it still smells delightful.

HOWEVER. I tried to do the same thing on my Berber carpet on the staircase. IT DOES NOT WORK. The stairs took a WHOLE gallon of paint, did NOT get soft, looked gross and patchy, AND somehow smelled like dirt. Lesson learned! ;)

Painting my microfiber couch