Living Tiny on Vancouver Island

We've all heard of the tiny home movement by now and in a place like British Columbia it's an enticing idea for many people. We have mild winters (compared to the rest of Canada) and sky-high rent/mortgages. For the adventurous hearts, the concept of simply driving your home off to park on a beach at sunset is simply divine. Entrepreneurial brains see the savings advantages created by downsizing. More cash on hand for re-investing in those passion-driven plans? Yes please. Those of us with children, on the other hand, may admire the idea... but fear the practicality of being contained in small spaces with our tiny humans. Many of us have just learned what it's like to be around our family 24/7 due to the COVID-19 pandemic locking our doors for us and we are starting to re-think the open-concept living plan we have... imagining this lifestyle packed into a tiny home is more a thing of nightmares than whimsical wanderlust.

But I got curious... as I do. And I interviewed four Vancouver Island locals who DO live tiny. Why do they do it? What do they love about it? Will they do it forever? Who ARE these nomads?

Let's start with the l