6 Ways to Bring Spring In!

As I write this, I am longing for the warmth of the summer. I scraped a good layer of frost off my windshield before carpooling kids to school with utter disdain. I AM READY FOR THE SUN! I'm ready for the bright colours of spring! I am ready to break free of the dull grey mood and walk barefoot in the grass. So let's be hopeful and talk of bringing spring inside our homes!


- Start swapping out the wardrobe. Maybe it's time for that winter jacket to finally get dry-cleaned before it's put away to be wrestled out of the depths of the closet next year (that's actually a reminder to myself... I hope someone else benefits...) Wash all them mismathed mittens, touques, and winter boots. Stick them in a storage tub and put them out of site! It may even be time for a PURGE. If you haven't worn it in over a year... are you really going to??? C'mon. Get rid of it.

- Switch the toys around. Banish the sled because it's time to get the summer outdoor toys in a more accessible place for kids to grab and maybe pull out the stroller that's been hidden away since before the sky began it's unrelenting cry. While you're going through them all, now's a good time to donate any toys your kids have outgrown.

- Move your houseplants! The weather is changing and the sun will be shining through the windows. Make sure your plant babies are positioned in a place where they will get the light they need. I move a bunch of mine out of the window sill they were in during the wintertime because they would burn in that place soon. Some of my more sensitive plants needed to be kept warm at all times during the winter, so they were banished to the bathroom (because I feel like I can justify leaving the baseboard heater on in that tiny space at all times... but the whole house!?)


I've heard some people say that doing a good ol' deep clean of their home is therapeutic. I only wish that I could have this experience, but nonetheless I do love the feeling of kicking my feet up in a fresh tidy space. Get purging, get tidying, get scrubbing! Here's a super quick checklist of oddball things you can do:

- Wash your drapes & curtains. They often get forgotten! Now is a great time to freshen them up and get rid of the dust that's been settling in.

- Wash your windows. Get in around the frame with a toothbrush. We have very wet winters and often moisture builds up in the windows causing black mold. (I have a dehumidifier running all winter because it gets so moist.) Wash the screens if you're feeling ambitious. Check all the caulking to see if it needs to be replaced.

- Swap out that winter entry way mat, or just go outside and give it a good ol' beating and a vacuum. - Wash your ceiling fan blades and take the cover off your bathroom fans to vacuum them out. How long has it been since you did this? Here's your reminder! ;)

-Get your dryer vent cleaned. This is an annual part of home maintenance. A lot of dust can build up in there and it can cause a fire. You can do this yourself, but you'll need a few special tools.


Soon it will be time to put that thick duvet away (unless you're an ice-person and need 50 lbs of blanket on you at all times) and it may be the perfect time to bring a fresh colour into the bedroom. If getting a new sheet set is out of the budget, opt for a couple of bright pillow cases, or accent pillows. Whatever you can do to give the room a lively jolt of colour reminiscent of the spring blooms, go for it! You could also add some colour to the bathroom with a couple new towels. You could even liven up the dining table with some bright place mats!


If you go to any thrift store you will find really inexpensive vases. Try finding some in a variety of bright colours, shapes, and sizes. A tiny brightly coloured glass bottle with a single twig of greenery that you clipped from a tree outside can add just a little spring in a small space, like the bathroom. The daffodils are in bloom this time of year, and even a single stem screams springtime. Get outside and look around. Send your kids on a mission to find the perfect sprig!


I'm a crazy plant lady. I love houseplants. I suck at the outdoor garden, but I will tend to every little leaf on my indoors! Get some brightly coloured herb pots that will fit in the bright direct sunlight on your sill. Fresh herbs are amazing for your recipes! and on that note...


Are you sick of the hearty winter crock pot recipes? Ready for something more light and fresh? Me too. While you're purging your kitchenware and wiping the insides of the drawers and cupboards, start thinking about your spring meal plans. Meal planning is essential in keeping my monthly grocery bill down, preventing last minute skip the dishes bills, and healthy eating for me. Sitting down at the dining table with fresh flowers and bright placemats to eat a spring meal just feels... happy.