15 Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard

With the gorgeous weather we have been blessed with (I'm in British Columbia... sorry to everyone that currently still has snow, hehehe...) I have been elbow deep doing garden cleanup and dreaaaaaming of the day that we can build a deck to soak up the sun on. Which got me thinking about landscape design... definitely not my area of expertise.

I reached out to Josh & Rebecca at New Eden Landscaping to share with you, because these two are incredible at landscape design. (Not to mention, they're the NICEST people in the world, seriously.)

If you checkout their Facebook Page you will see a gorgeous Bear Mountain property that they designed for on their cover photo. I worked inside the home on a wine cellar while they were outside... and I can tell you that Rebecca may be small, but that girl is like MIGHTY MOUSE and their team is incredibly hard working. Without getting into a novel about how awesome they are... (oh, and if you have the chance to meet their gigantic great dane that my daughter thought was a cow, you'll have a friend forever...) ... ahem... Here's their input on

15 Ways to Freshen up Your Yard: With all of this extra time at home due to Shelter In, some of you may be searching for ways to enhance your outdoor living space. We, at New Eden Landscapes, put together a list of 15 Ways to freshen up your property, create memories, and hopefully bring more joy to life at home.

1)Trim Shrubs A quick way to freshen up your yard is to bring some shape back to bushy looking Shrubs and hedges. 2) Flower Pots A beautiful way to welcome spring to your property is by adding flower pots and filling them with a variety of vibrant colored flowers. 3) Pressure Wash When's the last time you gave your driveway, patio, or walkways some love? This may take a bit of elbow grease but it will do wonders to bring back that fresh, clean look to your property. 4) Pathway A path through the yard or garden is an invitation to step into nature and be immersed in it's sights, sounds, and smells. Paths can be created with stepping stones, brick, gravel, concrete, mulch or a combination of these depending on the theme of your landscape. 5) New Fence or Fix Current One A fence can be a great source of privacy and also bring an added sense of style to your landscape. If your current fence isn't looking it's best, a new stain or coat of paint could be just the update it needs! 6) Lighting Hang a string or two of Edison lights in the backyard to create a cozy area to spend the evenings, or add lights along the driveway and walkways to welcome your loved ones home. 7) Plant Seasonal Flowers If your garden beds are short on flowering plants, planting seasonal flowers will do just the trick to bring brightness to your gardens. 8) Mulch Putting down a layer of mulch is an easy way to bring a crisp, distinct feel to your garden beds. Our favorite kind is fine, red mulch which really pops against the lawn and plants. 9) Raised Garden Beds If your property doesn't have a lot of room for gardens, raised garden beds could be just what you need. They can be any size you want and placed in any space you'd like. 10) Firepit With warm, summer nights on the way an outdoor fireplace isn't just about keeping warm, it also creates a space for conversation and fond memories over a glass of wine or a toasted marshmallow. 11) Patio or Deck If you're feeling confined by the square footage of your home, adding a patio or deck will increase your living space for at least 6 months of the year. 12) Fountain or Water Feature Whether it be through a water fountain or a pond. The sights and sounds of water bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Put your feet up and let the peace of nature wash over you. 13) Outdoor Seating Adding an outdoor bench, hammock, or swing encourages you and your loved ones to spend time outdoors soaking up the sun and fresh air. 14) Trellis or Pergola Building or buying a trellis can be a great way to spice up a boring fence wall or side of the house/garage. There are also many options of plants to grow up along your trellis. Tomato or grape vines, climbing roses or ivy, or Wisteria to name a few. 15) Plant a Vegetable Garden There are so many benefits that come with a vegetable garden! It's good for your body and mind. You'll reap tons of fresh vegetables. And, if you have children, it's a great way to make memories with them and teach them about nature. We hope you enjoy putting a few of these ideas into action! If anything feels out of reach, New Eden is still operating and following all of the safety precautions, and we'd be happy to serve you!


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