Why Refinish?

Why Refinish?

Furniture made by true artisans and craftspeople is built to last. Many of the old vintage pieces that you inherited from Gramma will live well beyond the years of that modern build-from-a-box furniture you purchased inexpensively! The beauty of solid wood (and even some of the wood veneers) is that it can be sanded, filled, repaired, reinforced, modernized, and made new again and again. Try to take apart the cardboard shelving unit you built from the box and you'll be lucky if it goes back together again just once. 

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Lexington Bay Twilight Series Hutch & Secretary Desk

Lexington Bay Twilight Series Hutch & Secretary Desk

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Furniture in stock:

For my store, I hand pick vintage furniture that is of high quality wood and made with artisan craftsmanship. I make sure that each piece is of functional working quality, with smooth drawers and hinges. Vintage furniture is not brand new, so you will find little surface level imperfections that are a part of the piece's (often long) story. None of these quirks will affect the function or beauty of the piece. I sell my refreshed furniture on Facebook Marketplace, Used Victoria, and Varagesale. You can also find it right here in my online store (which gives you more payment options.) To see what's in stock, click the button below!

Save Money and the Planet!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a brand new custom dining set, save yourself some cash by thrifting an outdated set. You can pick your stain or paint colours and reupholster the seats to match your own unique style. You will save space in the landfill, give a bit of cash to the person selling the old set, support your local furniture relover (me!) and you'll have yourself exactly what you want! If you are interested in green eco-friendly no VOC options, I know your kind of product!

Why choose me? Professional quality - not DIY.

I prepare each piece thoroughly before applying the products, meaning that I believe in cleaning and sanding every time. I don't believe in "no sanding" or "one step" products, as they do not uphold my high standards for durability and quality finishing.


I do not endorse one product or one brand, because I believe that each piece is unique and deserves the best product for it's intended purpose. There is a HUGE variety and difference between products out there and there is NOT a one-size-fits-all. I can ensure that I choose only high quality products proven for their durability, beautiful finishing, and LOW/NO VOC or ECO-FRIENDLY options.


What's the average cost to refinish?

Every project is unique and will require a personalized quote. The level of detail in your piece and the finished look you wish you achieve will result in a different amount of time required to finish your project. Painting requires less prep work than staining, and therefore costs less, for example. Listed below are very generalized average prices in my experience working with many clients... yours could be more or less!


6 chairs and table

Refinishing solid wood dining sets just makes sense when you take a look at the price you'll pay for a new set of the same quality! 




Sideboard and hutch combos

Most china cabinets are large pieces with a lot of surface area to cover... meaning they can either be a BIG eyesore, or an OUTSTANDING feature piece. 




Bedroom storage center

There is a lot of variety to dressers. Sideboards, armoires, tallboys, vanity desks... the list goes on. I've refreshed them all!



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