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My Design Philosophy

Interior Design is creating a symbiotic relationship between beauty, function, and personality. Good design makes sure that you experience your space to it's full potential. It incites the mood and atmosphere you need. It serves your purpose while pleasing your aesthetic palette. It is unique to each person, space, and use. If your space is not in good design, it negatively affects the way you live or work in the space.


Imagine if your greatest desire is to host loved ones for wonderful meals cooked in your home. The features of your kitchen and flow to your hosting space will impact how smoothly your meal preparation experience is, and the amount of attention you can give to the more important moments... connecting with your guests.

If you are now working from home (as so many people have turned to because of the COVID-19 pandemic) you need a space that is going to enable productivity, creativity, focus... whatever it is you require in your career. Trying to work in a space that causes friction in your day costs you time, which can cost you money. 

Imagine that your space serves you exactly how you need. Imagine that it invokes the atmosphere that you need from it (be it concentration, happiness, or a perfect gathering place.) Imagine the constant underlying stress from that space not fulfilling your needs being simply eliminated. How does that affect your mood? Your health? Your satisfaction? 

You see how interior design is crucial to how you live?

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Design isn't a service... it's an experience.

My job is to first understand your desire. What do you want most from your space? How do you want to feel when you use it? How will it impact your life, family, or work? I will ask questions to determine how you need to use your space so that the function can be planned, preventing friction and obstacles that may impede your ability to utilize the full potential. Next, I want to understand your unique style... what appeals to you; what brings you the inspiration or feeling you need to fall in love with your space.  Then, I need to show you. Most people have a very difficult time imagining a picture in their mind as someone else describes it. To make sure we are on the same page, I go beyond the sketchbook, swatches, and mood boards. I use both Photoshop editing and 3D architectural design programs to help you visualize the potential for your space and how it will improve your life in it. My ultimate goal is to connect and grow in a professional relationship with you, keeping your best interests at the heart of the design. You are not simply buying a service. You are enjoying the process of a design experience, that begins with a consultation.

Image by Sharon Pittaway


Colour is an incredibly complex art and science. 

Choosing the right colour palette is no easy feat. You must consider lighting, sheen, coverage, durability, the size of the space, the impact of exiting colour and finishes and the flow of the overall picture.  My colour consults include an in-space visit, custom colour palettes, Photoshopped examples of your space, and paint samples to try.

Living Room


Let's collaborate to redefine your space and life in it. 

Design Consults can include a full colour consultation PLUS room layout, furniture and decor recommendations, shopping lists, floorplans, and 3D renderings. Each consult is customized to your need and will leave you feeling encouraged and empowered to unleash your own creativity and take charge of your design.

Home Renovation


We required more from our homes than ever before. Let's transform the way you live.

Renovation projects have an incredible impact on your life because we can totally reinvent your space to allow for it's full potential to be realized. Renovation Consults can include  floorplans, blueprints, 3D renderings, and Photoshopped examples of the renovation and design plan... in addition to the detailed quote.

Pink Living Room

Signature Design Experience

After your design consultation, you may decide to continue on with my Signature Design Experience. You can achieve function and beauty in a space with a cozy or comfortable budget.  It it my job to creatively source for what your space and wallet need.

This is an elevated experience to your consultation, which includes ongoing communication or collaboration with you until your design process is complete, much like a general contractor would oversee your home build or large renovation project.

I will manage the contractors, shopping, delivery services, and final staging for you. Your experience is uniquely created for you and your space during your consultation. 

My Latest Design Project - for a musical pre-teen

finished room.jpg

Before, Photoshopped Rendition, and Finished Result

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